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2003 TAOA

Artículos publicados con arbitraje (Enero-Junio 2003: 11)

  • Sánchez-Escalante, G. Torrescano, D. Djenane, J.A. Beltrán and P. Roncalés. 2003. Combined Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Addition of Lycopene Rich Tomato Pulp, Oregano and Ascorbic Acid and their Mixtures on the Stability of Beef Patties. Food Science and Technology International, 9(2): 77-84.

  • Cárdenas A., Argüelles-Monal W., Goycoolea F.M., Higuera-Ciapara I. and Peniche C. (2003) Diffusion Through Membranes of the Polyelectrolyte Complex of Chitosan and Alginate. Macromolecular Bioscience, 3, 535-539

  • Djenane, D., Sánchez-Escalante, A., Beltrán, J.A., and Roncalés, P. 2003. Extension of the shelf life of beef steaks packaged in a modified atmosphere by treatment with rosemary and displayed under UV-free lighting. Meat Science 64(4):417-426.

  • Gollas-Galván, T.,  Sotelo-Mundo, R.R., Yepiz Plascencia, G., Vargas-Requena, C. and Vargas Albores, F. 2003. Purification and characterization of alpha2-macroglobulin from the white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei). Comparative Biochemistry and. Physiology. 134C: 431-438

  • Goycoolea F. M., Heras A., Aranaz I., Galed G., Fernández-Valle M. E., and Argüelles-Monal W. (2003) Effect of Chemical Crosslinking on the Swelling and Shrinking Properties of Thermal and pH-Responsive Chitosan Hydrogels. Macromolecular Bioscience, 3, 612-619

  • Hernández-López, J., Gollas-Galván, T., Gómez-Jiménez, S., Portillo-Clark, G. and Vargas-Albores, F. (2003) In the spiny lobster (Panulirus interruptus) the prophenoloxidase is located in plasma not in haemocytes. Fish & Shellfish Immunology 14: 105–114

  • Muhlia-Almazán A., García Carreño F., Sánchez- Paz A., Yepiz-Plascencia G., Peregrino Uriarte A. 2003. Effects of dietary protein on the activity and mRNA level of trypsin in the midgut gland of the white shrimp Penaeus vannamei. Comparative Biochemistry and. Physiology. 135B: 373-383.

  • Paiva-Silva G.O., Sogine M.H.F., Benedetti C.E., Meneghine R., Almeida I.C., Machado E.A., Dansa-Petreski M., Yepiz-Plascencia G., Law J.H., Oliveria P.L., Masuda H. 2002. On the biosynthesis of Rhodnius prolixus heme-binding protein. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 32:1533-1541

  • Parra-Barraza, H., Hernández-Montiel, D., Lizardi, J.,  Hernández, J., Herrera-Urbian, R., Valdez, M.A. 2003. The zeta potential and surface properties of asphaltenes obtained with diferent crude oil: n-heptane proportions. Fuel, 82, 869-874.

  • Pascual, C., Sánchez, A., Sánchez, A., Vargas-Albores, F., LeMoullac, G. and Rosas, C. (2003) Haemolymph metabolic variables and immune response in Litopenaeus setiferus adult males: the effect of an extreme temperature. Aquaculture 218: 637–650

  • Sánchez-Paz A., García-Carreño F., Muhlia-Almazán A., Hernández-Saavedra N.Y., Yepiz-Plascencia G. 2003. Differential expression of trypsin mRNA in the white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) midgut gland under starvation conditions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 292:1-17.

  • Sánchez Escalante, A., Torrescano, G., Djenane, D., Beltrán, J.A,  and  Roncalés. P. 2003.Stabilisation of colour and odour of beef patties by using lycopene-rich tomato and peppers as asource of antioxidants. Journal of Science Food and Agriculture. 83:187-194.

  • Sánchez-Escalante, A, Djenane, D., Torrescano, G., Beltrán, J.A.., and Roncales. P. 2003. Antioxidant Action of Borage, Rosemary, Oregano, and Ascorbic Acid in Beef Patties Packaged in Modified Atmosphere. Journal of Food Science. 68:339-344.

  • Torrescano, G.,  A. Sánchez-Escalante, B. Giménez, P. Roncalés and J.A. Beltrán. 2003. Shear Values Of Raw Samples Of Fourteen Bovine Muscles And Their Relation To Muscle Collagen Characteristics. Meat Science, (64(1):85-91.

Artículos aceptados con arbitraje (Enero- Mayo 2003: 11)

  • Castillo-Yañez, F.J. , Pacheco-Aguilar, R., Garcia-Carreño, F.L., Navarrete- Del Toro, M.A. 2003. Characterization of Acidic Proteolytic Enzymes from Monterey Sardine (Sardinops sagax caerulea) Viscera. Food Chemistry.  

  • Díaz-Rojas, E.I, Pacheco-Aguilar, R.,  Lizardi, J., Argüelles-Monal, W., Valdez, M.A.,  Rinaudo, M.,and Goycoolea, F.M. 2003. Linseed Pectin: Gelling Properties and Performance as an EncapsulationMatrix for Shark Liver Oil. Food Hydrocolloids (Ref. No. FOOHYD 448).

  • Gomez-Jimenez, S., Urias-Reyes, A., Vazquez-Ortiz, F. and Hernandez-Watanabe, G. 2003. Ammonia efflux rates and free amino acid levels in Litopenaeus vannamei postlarvae during sudden salinity changes. Aquaculture.

  • González-Córdova, A.F. and Vallejo-Cordoba, B. 2003. Detection and Prediction of Hydrolytic Rancidity in Milk by Multivariate Analysis of Short-Chain Free Fatty Acids Determined by Solid Phase Microextraction Gas Chromatography and Quantitative Flavor Intensity Assessment. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. Aceptado (JF030347W).

  • Goycoolea, F.M. and Cárdenas A. 2003. Pectins  from Opuntia spp.: a short review. Journal of the Professional Association of Cactus Develpoment. En Prensa. 2003

  • Pacheco-Aguilar, R., Ocaño-Higuera, V.M., Castillo-Yañez, F.J., Morán-Palacio., E.F., Marquez-Rios, E. and Lugo-Sanchez, M.E.. Changes in postmortem quality changes in finescale triggerfish muscle stored in ice.  Journal of Food Biochemistry (Aceptado). Para ser publicado en Vol. 27(4).

  • Sánchez-Brambila, G.Y., Alvarez-Manilla, G., Soto-Cordova, F., Lyon, B.G., and Pacheco Aguilar, R. 2003. Identification and characterization of the off-flavor in mantle muscle of jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) from the Gulf of California. Journal of Aquaculture Food Product Technology.

  • Sánchez-Escalante A., Torrescano G., Djenane D., Beltrán J.A. and Roncalés P. 2003. Stabilization of colour and odour in beef patties by using lycopene-rich tomato and peppers as a source of antioxidants. J. Sci. Food Agric.

  • Sánchez-Escalante A., Torrescano G., Djenane D., Beltrán J.A. and Roncalés P. 2003. Combined effect of modified atmosphere packaging and addition of lycopene rich tomato pulp, oregano and ascorbic acid ant their mixtures on the stability of beef patties. Food Sci. Technol. Intern.

  • Sotelo-Mundo, R., Islas-Osuna, M.A., de-la-Re-Vega, E., Hernández-López, J., Vargas-Albores, F., Yepiz-Plascencia, G. 2003. cDNA cloning of the lysozyme of the white shrimp Penaeus vannamei. Fish and Shellfish Immunology. 

  • Vallejo-Cordoba, B.  Mazorra-Manzano, M.A. and  González-Córdova, A.F. 2002. Determination of b-hydroxyacyl CoA-dehidrogenase activity in meat by electrophoretic mediated microanalysis. J. Capillary Electrophoresis and MicrochipTechnology, aceptado.

Capítulos de libros publicados (Enero- Mayo 2003: 2)

  • Argüelles-Monal W., Goycoolea F.M., Lizardi J., Peniche C. and Higuera-Ciapara I. (2003). Chitin and chitosan in gel network systems. In: Polymer Gels. Bohidar, H.B., Dubin P., Osada Y. and (eds.). ACS Symposium Series No. 833. American Chemical Society: Washington D.C.. pp. 102-121.

  • Goycoolea F.M., A. Heras, I. Aranaz, G. Galed, M. E. Fernández and W.M. Argüelles-Monal. Chitosan ‘smart’  hydrogels: pH and thermal sensitivity. (2003) En: Advances in Chitin Science. Vol. VI. Vårum K. M., Domard, A. and Smidsrød O. (eds.) NTNU Trondheim: Noruega. Pp.169-172.

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